Dear P

Yes! So I got my first question 🙂 it came from a friend who’s identity will remain private -__- wouldn’t want to bait out tha ting now..
The question basically is *fixed* How and When Do You Know that you’re partners control has gone too far in a relationship, when their possessiveness is unhealthy?!?

Here we go: okay Ladies, if you’re with a man (boy*) who goes through you’re phone,accuses you of cheating, accuses you without reason, constantly suspicious of your actions, needs to know every small irrelevant detail about everything, physically stops you from leaving, wants to or tries controlling your every move.. Or any of that ish. He is crazy, and you need to leave his ass asap, But in all seriousness that is a deal breaker for me. Anyone who is able to control and be responsible of their own actions will Never have the need to control you, only if a person is insecure within their own self will they try to control you. Most times people try to you their controlling aspect disguised with “caring” cover. Don’t be fooled there is a BIG difference btw caring about you “hun what did you do today” versus controlling “where were you today? I called you at 5am and u didn’t answer!sleeping??yea right.who were u sleeping with?!? *insert other controlling crazy boyfriend statements* There is no reason why you should put up with someone antics who try to constantly belittle your opinion or individually. It is up to you as the female to make sure you are not emotionally vulnerable when entering into a new relationship, its 2011! females should be able to stand strong on their own and never make a man dictate for you your life.

Someone is only going to treat you the way you allow them to.



One thought on “Dear P

  1. “physically stops you from leaving” LMAO Thats a real crazy a** nigga! I can’t even imagine what would happen to the guy who would ever try some out of this world sh*t like that lool..Good advice P.

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