Is Your Friend A Frenemy?

Hey Dolls,
So we all know what a frenemy is, its the one-uping, conniving, two-faced nature if someone who is in some-ways your friend but has a lot of qualities of The Enemy Although some ladies think that having a frenemy is not so much a bad thing because they believe having occasional competition, is usually healthy. I personally believe it is never a good idea to have someone in your personal life who does not genuinely wish you well (they’ll only end sleeping with your husband on your wedding night afterall) so for all of you who are confused on wether she’s your friend or frenenmy here are some tell-tale signs.
1. They are jealous of you
A true friend will always be happy for you if your life is going great, a frenemy will hold it against you.
2. They aren’t there for you
When you need a hand or someone to talk to, emotional support or just a friend, a frenemy is usually unavailable for that type of work.
3.They drain you mentally
If they’re constantly burdening you, causing issues in your life, making you upset, ruining your other relationships its time to let that B***h go.

Just know who you’re friends are because its your friends who you have to worry about Not your enemies.


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