Dear P*

Okay!! We have a very interesting question from “considerin3some” who wants to know what I think about her situation “My man and I are arguing a lot and things are boring right now so am thinking about bringing in another girl for his entertainment, like having a threesome”
.. I like to keep an open mind to everyone’s different pov HOWEVER I don’t think that bringing another female into your bedroom when you are already having issues in your relationship is a good idea. It is not a good remedy for a troubled relationship. If your man is bored with you, You need to fix that, having another gal come in & back it up on him propah, will only cause YOU some serious problems hun. So I suggest you approach your man and figure out what you can change or do differently in order to keep him “entertained”.
Hope this helps.


2 thoughts on “Dear P*

  1. things are boring right now? Fix your broken coochie first before bringing in a brand new one. Your man is probably having a threesome without you right now.

    • @”” tek time nuh lol. Here at Porsha’s World we like to keep an Open mind to everyone and their lifestyles. However I must agree that having a threesome is a terrible idea which will most likely end up with someone (her) crying in the end

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