Team Blackberry?!?

I really love my Torch and to be honest I personally think in 2011 if you don’t have a smartphone then you aint shit 🙂 (necessity)
But as we all know having a blackberry comes with BBM (blackberry messenger-for those of you who’ve been living in cave) and its extremely convenient and fast but I think I’ve had enough. To be honest I can’t stand having all these contacts on my bbm; the random broadcast msgs, the random adds, the going nowhere why did this weirdo even msg me conversations… Are all too much! Ugh.. I’ll always be Team Blackberry but I might just gotta kick it with something else for now


One thought on “Team Blackberry?!?

  1. i aint even tryna have to figure out a different kind of smartphone. Sounds like its time for a BBM clean out for you Ms.P

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