Dear Porsha

Here goes nothing, for those who are new to my blog, you can send me an email to where I answer questions about relationships,fashion, life issues and whatever else you need help with. We have a question from “Sarah”


Hey Porsha,

for the last 6 months Ive been having problems with trusting my boyfriend we been in a relationship for the last 2 years, i caught him cheating on me before and recently I found pictures of another female in his cell and texts with him flirting with girls and saying hes going to hook up with them when i talk to him about it he brushes me off. I love him and wan this to work wat should i say to him?



What should you say to him? I’m not sure what you should say to him other than to fuck off and its over. This “boyfriend” of yours obviously doesn’t love you or care about your feelings. For him to have already cheated on you and continue to flirt and make plans to cheat on you with other girls it’s quite clear that he cares only about himself and you shouldn’t waste your time or cause yourself any further heartache. You sound completely ridiculous saying that he “brushes you off” when you approach him with these issues, what you need to do is brush him off and keep it moving. he’s not going to change and you’ll never trust him and without trust there’s no relationship. Love yourself enough to let go.

Best of luck to Sarah and hit me up to let me know how it goes.



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