So I haven’t been working out daily (but I’ve kept up with my squat challenge 🙂 and I’ve just started planning & executing healthy meals within the last few days but I’ve started to feel an already major change..In my mood, energy level and I feel more motivated to continue. I don’t want to lose any weight or drop sizes I just wany to tone up my body increase my daily fitness activity and most of all have a healthier lifestyle. Now that Im a Mum , I want nothing more than to set a good example for my son in every aspect of life.


I hope everyone who’s started a healthy journey continues and continue to be inspired and those who have yet to do so get on it!!



5 thoughts on “#teamfitness

      • I love cardio too! 🙂 I have done insanity and turbo fire and I feel like they both have done a good job of helping with my baby belly. They are mostly cardio but incoorporate moves to help! Also, nutrition plays a huge role! You know what they say.. abs are made in the kitchen not the gym! 😉 Do you do home workouts or go to the gym?

      • Sounds good. I never used a workout DVD but I’m thinking about it Right now I’m working out at home as my son is only 4 mos and I’m too attached to leave him to go to the gym lol. Are you working out at home or the gym right now?

      • I do all my workouts at home for that same reason! Plus it saves me a lot of time and is convienent because I can do it whenver I dont have to wait on a babysitter or anything. 🙂 I have done some good ones that I recommend if your interested! 🙂 Do you do facebook at all?

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