Don’t Let Your Breakup Get The Best Of You

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Hey porsha, I need some advice on seeking for a husband. My sister is getting married this fall and a few girlfriends have recently gotten married or have a wedding pending in the near future and I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut you see I’ve broken up with my boyfriend of over three years this past summer and I’ve been lonely ever since and it has made me a bit jealous of the people who are in happy relationships in my life. Since my breakup I find myself being unhappy at times and most of all feeling lonely! I had no urge to date but I need to start I don’t want this breakup to be the reason that I’m single at 50 (lol) I need some help where do you recommend I look for a new beau or which dating sites are good.

-lonely for life

First of all you can not let your recent breakup control your destiny and the direction of your (love) life. We all go through failed relationships and at the demise of a relationship we sometimes beat up on ourselves and try to take the blame for what wasn’t our fault to begin with. Just know that your relationship happened, it ended, however your life didn’t. You have to look into yourself and think of all the things that you want out of a relationship and what you have to bring to the table as well, why would someone love you? Do you love yourself? Maybe you have lost touch of the fact of how awesome you are and all that is amazing about you. You CAN NOT let your breakup dim your light. Spend time with yourself, try new things, go new places in other words “date yourself” get to love yourself and only then can you anticipate love from another human being. Self-love is the best love. Look around at the happy couples in your life congratulate your sister, get her a pre-wedding gift, be happy for your friends and celebrate this amazing time in their lives. Live through love and it will be everywhere in your life. Once you get to you, everything else will fall into place then you can welcome a new relationship. Stay positive and good luck! I’m always here if you need an ear.



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