This may a bit belated however I wanna wish each and every one of you a HAPPY NEW YEARRR!!! lol

With that out the way, yes I’ve been gone for a minute, yes I haven’t blogged in forever and a day but I’m back as usual and I have so much to fill you in on, so much has changed and happened. Keep tuned in for all the updates and what not.

I hope this new year brings all my readers peace, love & happiness. May 2014 be filled with nothing but the best!



…. Once Was Hot Now Is Not

Things that have lost their sparkle, have become a bore, things that have ran onto their 16th second of fame or things we simply need to stop doing

High-waisted Anything
Red Lipstick
That Fur Trend
Dating Guys Simply Because They Have a Good Sense of Humour
Dating Your Ex
Sleeping With Your Ex
Credit Cards
Keeping Envious Friends Around

….. & please feel free to continue/add in comments

Back Like I Never Left! !

Hey my luvs!

Okay first off I need to apologize for leaving you guys for almost a year now (I know, I know) but I got caught up with work, life, and most importantly I’m a Mommy now!! Yes, yes my son is a bit
over 3 months and he’s my everything words just can’t explain. We got a lot to catch up on and I’m uber excited for the Re-Launch of my blog.

Let me know what topics I should discuss & what ya’ll wanna hear!!