I constantly struggle with the idea of blogging, shall I post, can I continue my blog, should I do an update post, should I add some new pics? But then I start thing where would I possibly find the time, between everything else, running a business being a mom to a busy body 2 year old and managing life in general can I fit blogging in? I think so lol.

I’ll be updating the next few days as I go along and I’ll be filling in but basically within the last three decades since I last posted (lol) I’ve relaunched my accessory business into an online boutique for women we sell clothing and accessories alot of them I make by hand (earrings). Take a look Masego Boutique I always luv some feedback. I’ve been busy with my store developing my brand and my other job (which I will be leaving soon to put full efforts into my business-yay 🙂 But most importantly my lil guy has grown so much, he’s going to be three this fall and to say he amazing perfectness would be an understatement lol. He’s grown to be so so smart, understanding, fun, so adventurous so BOYISH lol and he has AN AMAZING sense of humour I just wouldn’t know where to start about him.

I’ve also been doing alot of hippie stuff soul searching and growth but I’ll leave something for us to talk about later.



His Balloon


My sons balloon that we got on the day he was born is still standing strong as ever considering he’s 7 months old now. (Mind you I got these flowers just yesterday and look at em already)  *insert disappointed face*
I know this is all pretty random but I thought it was cute.

Dear Summer


I know I’m not the only one extremely excited for summer 2013, I mean not only is this winter seeming a bit drawn out but I’m anticipating the changing of  seasons as its my sons first summer and we’ll be going on his very first vacations!


Hit me up tell me what you’re looking forward to this summer and if you have any suggestions for summer activities with a new infant I would love that!