I’m not sure if anyone else has these water phases but I randomly go through days, sometimes weeks where I crave water constantly. I personally prefer Nestle Pure Life brand of bottled water I hate Aquafina and Dasani- is it just me or do those two taste unfiltered and heavy? (yuck). I drink about 5/6 500ml bottles per day and its great for my body and my skin. What are some unusual cravings you have? Comment and let me know what yours are…



So I haven’t been working out daily (but I’ve kept up with my squat challenge 🙂 and I’ve just started planning & executing healthy meals within the last few days but I’ve started to feel an already major change..In my mood, energy level and I feel more motivated to continue. I don’t want to lose any weight or drop sizes I just wany to tone up my body increase my daily fitness activity and most of all have a healthier lifestyle. Now that Im a Mum , I want nothing more than to set a good example for my son in every aspect of life.


I hope everyone who’s started a healthy journey continues and continue to be inspired and those who have yet to do so get on it!!