Addiction #10229


Okay so this may be a lil random but ahh well. So I’ve been mainly drinking water all day everyday but I’ve been craving juice any juice lol but especially these two..I don’t mean to be doing any free adverts but every single drink from Oasis is perfection. Try em out guys!!



So I haven’t been working out daily (but I’ve kept up with my squat challenge 🙂 and I’ve just started planning & executing healthy meals within the last few days but I’ve started to feel an already major change..In my mood, energy level and I feel more motivated to continue. I don’t want to lose any weight or drop sizes I just wany to tone up my body increase my daily fitness activity and most of all have a healthier lifestyle. Now that Im a Mum , I want nothing more than to set a good example for my son in every aspect of life.


I hope everyone who’s started a healthy journey continues and continue to be inspired and those who have yet to do so get on it!!


Healthy Wha?!?

Hey Babesss, okay so I plan on getting back in the gym (within the next 2 weeks) and I also need to start eating healthy. I’m trying to get in better shape and curve my unhealthy cravings (cheesecake at 2am). But because of my lifestyle I’m always eating out, to me its easier and more convenient opposed to cooking 3+ times a week. But its about that time I start this healthy journey. Send me any tips&advice cause imma need it