I’m not sure if anyone else has these water phases but I randomly go through days, sometimes weeks where I crave water constantly. I personally prefer Nestle Pure Life brand of bottled water I hate Aquafina and Dasani- is it just me or do those two taste unfiltered and heavy? (yuck). I drink about 5/6 500ml bottles per day and its great for my body and my skin. What are some unusual cravings you have? Comment and let me know what yours are…




This may a bit belated however I wanna wish each and every one of you a HAPPY NEW YEARRR!!! lol

With that out the way, yes I’ve been gone for a minute, yes I haven’t blogged in forever and a day but I’m back as usual and I have so much to fill you in on, so much has changed and happened. Keep tuned in for all the updates and what not.

I hope this new year brings all my readers peace, love & happiness. May 2014 be filled with nothing but the best!


Mother’s Day Thoughts


Yesterday I celebrated my very first mother’s day and it was such a sureal feeling. Although my son is almost 6 months (times flying) I still have moments where I can’t believe I’m a mother….I can’t belive God has blessed me and given me the ability to bring another life into this world. As I reflect I realize that becoming a mother has brought me so far. I’ve learned so much about myself while learning and getting to understand my son. I gave birth to him and in some ways it has been a rebirth in my own life and within myself. The love I feel when I look at my son is a new and deeper love each and everytime…Its really difficult for me to explain all I know is that I am extremely extremely blessed to have my son and for him to be simply perfect. Being a mother is the hardest yet easiest thing I’ve ever had to do and every moment is worth it. I want to wish a Happy Mothers day to all my Mama readers and my own mother on this special day, as well as to all the women who struggle with infertility…the road is a long road ahead but the sun always rises in the morning.

(Pictured: My son and I shortly before Mothers Day Dinner at my house)

Back Like I Never Left! !

Hey my luvs!

Okay first off I need to apologize for leaving you guys for almost a year now (I know, I know) but I got caught up with work, life, and most importantly I’m a Mommy now!! Yes, yes my son is a bit
over 3 months and he’s my everything words just can’t explain. We got a lot to catch up on and I’m uber excited for the Re-Launch of my blog.

Let me know what topics I should discuss & what ya’ll wanna hear!!


Dear Porsha

Here goes nothing, for those who are new to my blog, you can send me an email to Porsha-j@live.ca where I answer questions about relationships,fashion, life issues and whatever else you need help with. We have a question from “Sarah”


Hey Porsha,

for the last 6 months Ive been having problems with trusting my boyfriend we been in a relationship for the last 2 years, i caught him cheating on me before and recently I found pictures of another female in his cell and texts with him flirting with girls and saying hes going to hook up with them when i talk to him about it he brushes me off. I love him and wan this to work wat should i say to him?



What should you say to him? I’m not sure what you should say to him other than to fuck off and its over. This “boyfriend” of yours obviously doesn’t love you or care about your feelings. For him to have already cheated on you and continue to flirt and make plans to cheat on you with other girls it’s quite clear that he cares only about himself and you shouldn’t waste your time or cause yourself any further heartache. You sound completely ridiculous saying that he “brushes you off” when you approach him with these issues, what you need to do is brush him off and keep it moving. he’s not going to change and you’ll never trust him and without trust there’s no relationship. Love yourself enough to let go.

Best of luck to Sarah and hit me up to let me know how it goes.